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More Ways Than Ever; To Do More With Less!

Stop running around being busy, and start living the life of FREEDOM that you want and deserve.


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He is helping individuals discover, develop and deploy their potential and passion both nationally and internationally.


Coach with Dr. Vernet
Coaching focuses on helping others learn in ways that let them keep developing and growing after sitting with you.


Learn from Dr. Vernet
Leaders and organizations on all levels have come to understand how valuable personal & professional development has become, and they’re adding to the budget for their employees.


Let Dr. Vernet Teach You How
Publishing is simply the activity of making content available to the general public. Let us teach you how to publish and build you a platform without depleting your life savings.



NEW Collaborative Book!


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NEW Collaborative Book!


Relationships 3D Radio Show
  1. Learn how to craft your story and become an author!
  2. Learn how to turn your thoughts into revenue!
  3. Learn how to become an authority on a specific topic!
  4. Learn how to market your ideas and make an impact!
  5. Learn how to turn your dream into reality!

Multiple Ways To Accomplish Your Goal

  1. One Day Mastermind
  2. Private Author’s Coaching
  3. Productive Impact Book Writers Camp

How Can I Live A More Productive Life? We’ll Let Me Show You!

Do you feel like you are running in circles? Are you tired of being busy and not productive? Does it seem like you don’t have enough hours in the day? You’ll be surprised how productive you feel after producing from your place of passion. Here are three simple tips to help you produce the evidence and results you want in your life.

* Set realistic priorities.

* Take your health serious.

* Avoid the dangers of distractions.

Will YOU be one of the 12 that invests in yourself to Live Your Most Productive Year Yet? Join Dr. Vernet A. Joseph and 11 others for this EXCLUSIVE “One Day Intensive Mastermind” CLICK HERE to secure your seat!

“Every morning when you rise, there is a decision to be made that will affect your entire day. Are you ready to make a productive impact or complain about the impact that others have made? YOU were created to LIVE TO PRODUCE. “
~ Dr. Vernet A. Joseph ~

Who Is Dr. Vernet

A bestselling author and productivity expert, known as America’s #1 Potential, Passion and Productivity (P3) Speaker & Strategist. Dr. Vernet is helping individuals and organizations around the world transform their lives and way of thinking. His book It’s Possible – A Productive State of Mind was said to be a message that is needed now more than ever before.” ~ Les Brown – World Renowned Speaker & Business Coach. Dr. Vernet’s latest book Extreme Productivity – 10 Laws of Highly Productive People became an instant best-seller.

“Dr. Vernet is helping organizations like yours get Fixed, Focused, and Dedicated to the cause of increased productivity!”

This could be your – “Most Productive year”
Find out how to make this statement your reality.

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