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More Ways Than Ever; To Do More With Less!

Stop running around being busy, and start living the life of FREEDOM that you want and deserve.

Pick up your copy of the Productivity 360 Planner – The Ultimate Solution by Dr. Vernet A. Joseph. A 24 month, 120 page planner for those who are serious about being productive in business and in life! The Productivity 360 Planner includes 33 pages of Dr. V’s proprietary Productivity Snapshot Formulas (PSF) which he personally uses to govern his peak performance and productivity.

Productivity 360 Planner – The Ultimate Solution

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Hire Dr. Vernet For Your Next Event. If you are looking to make a lasting impact with your audience, Dr. Vernet is the man for the job. He is helping individuals discover, develop and deploy their potential, passion and productivity on a global scale.


Coach with Dr. Vernet. Wether its 1 on 1, a private mastermind, or a group setting Dr. Vernet engages others to learn in ways that allows them to keep developing and growing long after sitting with him.


Learn from Dr. Vernet. Leaders, Organizations and Universities on all levels have come to understand how valuable personal & professional development has become, and they’re adding it to the budget for their employees, faculty and students. Dr. Vernet enjoys the training atmosphere.


Let Dr. Vernet Teach You How. As a productivity strategist, Dr. Vernet enjoys getting to the bottom of your core obstacles and providing sound solutions.




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Dr. Vernet inspires you to get outside of your comfort zone and to be a risk taker. God says if you are not willing to risk, then you can’t grow; if you can’t grow, then you can’t become your best. He states “Your dream is possible”…a message that is needed now more than ever before.

“You cannot successfully navigate this life without a plan.  A plan needs a strategy and  a strategy needs a sound & progressive mind. Dr. Vernet helps you to condition your mindset to produce successful & lasting results!”

Marquez Hughley, Author, Speaker, Leadership Expert, Founder of Crown Life Enterprises, LLC

“Dr. Vernet knows how to hold the attention of a reader and/or audience. If you are looking for inspiration, look NO FURTHER. It is obvious he serves our Lord and Savior, our country and his family to the highest degree!“

CarolLee Miles, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker Author,

“If you seek extraordinary leadership and the tools to live your passion and purpose both personally and professionally, I highly recommend you activate a connection with Mr. Productivity; because he has indeed succeeded in delivering results to me and my business, and all other entrepreneurs that he touches.”

Mechelle Tucker

“I sincerely thank you for your words of wisdom. In just one weekend, I have come about from the course I was on and am now heading in the direction I really want to go to the next level. Nothing happens by chance. There’s always a reason.”

Alan Pease, Veteran and Community Leader

“For today’s fast lived world, Dr. Vernet’s insights help to shape lives from a quote, a very short educational and space to reflect and change in order to get better results in life. “

Working with Dr V “Mere words can’t describe what a privy it has been to work with Dr. Joseph. His passion to help people, drive, and sincerity, is consistent and most certainly organic. I can attest, that being in the presence of someone who exemplifies success and gives you applicable steps to go to the next level; is truly a beacon of light that you can’t help but reciprocate from. Thanks doc!”

Michael Newman, Conference Attendee

Working with Dr. V, opened so many doors I wasn’t sure I could even knock on. Dr. Vernet Joseph, president of Live to Produce has helped me as a new business owner to stay motivated and “laser focused” as well as disciplined with my own day to day operations of running a productive and successful business! I have truly been inspired to live every day to strategize and produce! Thank you Dr. Vernet Joseph for keeping me on track and giving me the courage to open so many door I wasn’t sure I could even knock on…

Jessica Heart, Founder of Heart2Heart Public Relations, LLC

Dr. Vernet is a Genius on Productivity “I have had the pleasure to share the stage and work with Dr. Vernet over the course of several years. He is a top rate professional that gets the job done. Whether it is speaking or consulting, he is a leader in the industry.”

Dr. Will Moreland, America’s #1 Leadership Life Trainer

I highly recommend anyone who’s looking to be “Productive” in their life, to seek out Dr. Vernet A. Joseph.  Whether you are looking to write a book, become a speaker or simply learning about how to market yourself / product; My good friend “Mr. Productivity’s” unique services are the way to go, there is a reason why they call him “America’s #1 Productivity Speaker, Strategist & Consultant…

“Dr. Vernet is extremely Instrumental and KEY with getting me back on track with not only heading towards my goals, but accomplishing them! I was drowning in frustration and the thoughts of lost dreams, and Dr. Vernet threw me a life line and pulled me to Victory!
Thank you for the Golden Nuggets of Wisdom to unlock the door to my dreams!”

PeShon Allen, Minister

Dr. Vernet has an extensive resume as a best-selling author, entrepreneur, and speaker. I can attest to his strength of character, compassion and his intense desire to help ones produce the results they want. Therefore, putting them in position to perform at the highest level.  He’s more than qualified to help anyone who wants elevate up and move out of their circumstances.

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Who Is Dr. Vernet

A bestselling author and productivity expert, known as America’s #1 Potential, Passion and Productivity (P3) Speaker & Strategist. Dr. Vernet is helping individuals and organizations around the world transform their lives and way of thinking. 


How Can I Live A More Productive Life? We’ll Let Me Show You!

Do you feel like you are running in circles? Are you tired of being busy and not productive? Does it seem like you don’t have enough hours in the day? You’ll be surprised how productive you feel after producing from your place of passion. Here are three simple tips to help you produce the evidence and results you want in your life.

  1. Set realistic priorities.
  2. Take your health serious.
  3. Avoid the dangers of distractions.