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Nominated Executive Professional of the Year

“Dr. Vernet’s explosive energy and passionate wisdom allows him to connect and create an atmosphere of learning and growth. In his talks, Dr. Vernet provides the “practical messages” that audience members want and the value that meeting planners crave.”

“Dr. Vernet is a breath of fresh air! His techniques are simplistic, out-of-the-box and are designed to transform and produce productive citizens.”

Imagine your audience not only attending your event, but being transformed and raving about your event. That is what happens when Dr. Vernet speaks. His story will inspire you to live, his presentations are captivating and his insight / wisdom is relevant to diverse audiences. Topics: 1. Release Your (P3) Power 2. Leadership Excellence 3. Live In Full Expectation. To have Dr. Vernet at your next event click here.

With a productivity track record that reads like a Who’s Who of Top Professionals, Executives and Entrepreneurs, Dr. Vernet has lead in organizations to include the United States Military, Non-Profit Sectors, and Fashion Industry. His proven leadership ability is sought out from around the world. Dr. Vernet has shared his wisdom with 40+ countries to thousands of people in the last decade. To have Dr. Vernet customize a seminar for your organization click here.

Take your team, staff and organization to the PRODUCTIVITY ZONE by inviting Dr. Vernet to conduct a half day, one or three day workshop. From team building to productivity excellence, Dr. Vernet can train your organization to achieve better results. Some of his most requested topics: 1. It’s Possible 2. 10 Keys to Productivity 3. Perform Like A Champion click here.


Discover your potential. Develop your passion. Deploy your productivity

Welcome Meeting Planners!

Dr. Vernet has delivered over 1200 presentations and he is excited to speak at your event. Acclaimed as one of the top productivity and leadership speakers under 40 in America, Dr. Vernet’s presentations on productivity, leadership and personal development are in high demand. His company Live To Produce Enterprises, LLC is becoming one of the leading thought provoking consulting companies in Arizona. Below are a few reasons to book Dr. Vernet for a spectacular event.


To have Dr. Vernet participate in your next event, please contact us by completing the request form. Our office will respond to your inquiry shortly.