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All around you negativity is trying to creep in and feed you fear. But I want you to know that with every test there is opportunity for victory and triumph. You have the ability to see things from a different perspective and release the productivity within you to live your best life. Peak performance is available if you really want to take your life to the next level.

“LIVE TO PRODUCE COACHING” – 4 Weeks To Developing the Productive Mindset is Only $297 (Remember the entire course originally cost over $597).

Here’s to a More Productive You,

~Dr. Vernet A. Joseph


SESSION 1: Recognition
This session is designed to help you recognize your unique passion for productivity. Your life is filled with wonderful opportunities. Your existence on this earth has a special purpose, discover your uniqueness and release it today. You’ll learn how to identify your location as it relates to your productivity.

SESSION 2: Developing L.O.S.
This session is all about being focused and prepared. We’ll go into the art of developing a strategic vision. You’ll learn the secrets of what the best-of-the-best do to achieve evidence and results in their lives.

SESSION 3: Strategy
This session is designed to teach you principles and strategies for success. I have had the pleasure to be groomed by the best of the best from 3 Star Generals to mega millionaires with proven success. In this session I’ll share with you the strategies and formulas of success I’ve learned from years of mentorship, research, and personal development. This is where the rubber meets the road on the journey for a productive life.

SESSION 4: Action Steps
This session is designed to help you develop and implement your actions steps. In order to expect evidence and result you are going to have to take action. Life is about learning, but productivity is about putting what you learn into practice by taking action. In this session I’ll share with you time management skills and how to become accountable so you can be more effective and efficient along your journey. Successful and productive people always have a checks and balance system to keep harmony.

+ Evidence & Results
In this final session, I’ll cover all the tips, tools, principles & practice that have enabled me to produce evidence and results in my life. I’ll show you how to bring synergy to a chaotic situation when it looks like there is no way. This is where the separation happens between those that say they want to produce and those that actually produce. This session is all about releasing productive citizen to deliver, develop, and deploy their passion as they perform exceptionally in life.

Live To Produce Online Coaching Course
In this four-week online course you will learn how to develop a productive road map that will lead you to the life you DESIRE. This is a great course for anyone seeking to start their productive journey. Participants love the power steps and the audios they can listen to multiple times. This is a course you will use continuously to keep you on the road towards extreme productivity. Make your investment today. Learn more


Session 1.  Recognition
Session 2.  Developing L.O.S.
Session 3.  Strategy
Session 4.  Action Steps + Evidence & Results


1.) Productivity & Performance Map
2.) Book, ” It’s Possible – A Productive State of Mind”
3.) MP3: ” 10 Keys To Productivity”
4.) “P3” Personal Development Plan

Live To Produce Coaching Investment Plan:
1 Full Investment of $297.00 or
3 Easy Investments of $99.00
(A Value of $597.00)

Live To Produce Coaching