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Award Winning Entrepreneur & Veteran; Named One of the Top 40 Productivity Experts to Follow on Twitter by Evan Carmichael

Vernet’s Story

As a son of immigrants from Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world, Dr. Vernet quickly learned the value of productivity and empowerment. After losing his mother to Sickle Cell Anemia in 1994, he vowed to help others reach their maximum potential. “Losing my mother at such an early age made me truly focus on what is really valuable and important in life.” He attributes his tireless work ethic and service to humanity from watching his grandfather and father act as Ambassadors for Haiti. Together the Joseph men have served a combined 100 + years of military service to date.

Growing up in the inner-city of Miami, Florida there are a lot of things that to see and learn. Vernet made a choice to develop and grow instead of becoming a statistic of his environment. Having a father who retired twice before he graduated school… How could he not be productive, when the message he heard all his life was to “Serve & Produce.” It’s not a surprise that Dr. Vernet is a leader who trains other leaders how to serve and produce a life that leaves a legacy.

He is not a novice to personal and professional develop. Before turning 17, Vernet was developing mentorship programs, running his student government and featured in local newspapers. His passion for entrepreneurship was sparked as a child when he saw a need in his neighborhood where he started his own business washing cars, mowing lawns and painting homes.

Thought Leader, speaker, business strategist and best-selling author, Dr. Vernet helps individuals, organizations, and corporations increase their bottom line, transform their performance and productivity for maximum results. By using his proven leadership tools, principles and practices that he has taught and shared with well over 50 countries to thousands of people in the last decade. Organizations and individuals are getting phenomenal results!

Increase Your Productivity & Bottom Line With Dr. Vernet A. Joseph aka “Mr. Productivity!” 

Dr. Vernet has been one of the Top 40 Productivity Experts to follow on twitter since July 2012. His thought-provoking insights influence, ignite and inspires many daily.

He has been recognized as a leading executive, professional and entrepreneur by worldwide organizations, an Honorary HERO Spokesperson for the Women Entrepreneurs of America Inc., Demonstrated Master Logistician by the International Society of Logistics Engineers, Logistics Transformation and Change Management and the Army Logistics University Sponsored by Pennsylvania State University.

This expertise and professional background helped Vernet create the Productivity 360, a progressive strategy that enables people from all walks of life to become more effective, efficient and profitable in the realm of business and life.

“Busy Doesn’t Equate to Being Productive!”

“A Veteran owned company in Arizona helping others to produce evidence and results through productivity.”

Live 2 Produce Enterprises, LLC is a veteran owned global thought provoking consulting company, committed to building individuals, organizations and corporations to produce productive citizens. The focal point is to help increase their bottom line, transform their performance and productivity for maximum results. Dr. Vernet Founded, Live 2 Produce Enterprises, LLC based on his living in full expectation (L.I.F.E.) philosophy. “I have based the company on four core elements: legacy, influence, focus and execution.”

At Live To Produce, we understand that busy doesn’t equate to being productive. We are committed to producing productive citizens by helping individuals discover, develop and deploy their potential and passion both nationally and internationally. This is accomplished through speaking, training, strategic and 1 on 1 coaching, consulting and executive/private masterminds. Live To Produce Enterprises, LLC helps individuals just like you do more with less by showing you how to increase your bottom line, transform your performance and obtain maximum results through productivity. Our high impact and inspiring keynotes / training sessions are known to revolutionize organizations and corporations while leaving a productive atmosphere. How can Live To Produce Enterprises, LLC help you and your organization? Click here to send us a note today and let’s discuss it.

“Every morning when you rise, there is a decision to be made that will affect your entire day. Are you ready to make a productive impact or complain about the impact that others have made? YOU were created to LIVE TO PRODUCE. ” ~ Dr. Vernet A. Joseph