Be Seen, Booked & Paid!

Amplify Your Message in the Marketplace

with the right skills, precise communication, and value-adding content. 

Join Us In Phoenix, Arizona!

Dr. Vernet’s Productive Media Mastery Class is designed to teach you to use media as a strategy that gets you seen, booked & paid. I will help you develop the clarity to bring your message to the masses. No stress, No pressure, and No gimmicks!
This is not your average presentation, it’s an experience you won’t forget. This one-day media mastery class is filled with industry insights for massive exposure.

Learn from leading professionals on how to prepare and deliver your message for media.

Learn how:

  • To work under pressure

  • Promote your appearance (B.D.A.)

  • To get asked to return

  • Be referred for additional bookings

  • Market without marketing

  • Be memorable

  • Inspire Philanthropic Activity

Let me show you how I booked 4 media appearances in one week on multiple stations.

I will show you how to:

•Starve and eliminate your fear

•Gain clarity & confidence

•Develop a respected brand

•Master the interview process

•Stay on topic; and

•Enjoy the experience


March 16th 

Dr. Vernet’s Productive Media Mastery Class