Put The Odds In Your Favor

//Put The Odds In Your Favor


Hello O’ Productive One,

How are you doing this 28th day of 2015? I hope that you are just as hyped about your goals and dreams today as you were on the 1st. I know that many people around you have started to fizzle out. Those who were all excited about their New Years resolution have already abandoned them, but what about you? Does this sound familiar? Do you need to push restart? Are you tired of starting something, but not completing it? There is nothing wrong with you answering yes to any of these questions, so long as you are willing to get back up and start over.

The key to accomplishing your goals and dreams is to make sure that you NEVER quit, NEVER stop, NEVER give up or given in until you accomplish what you set out to accomplish. Honestly I know you are saying to yourself that its  tough, but I challenge you to be even tougher than whatever is telling you to throw in the towel.

Here are a few things that I do to tip the scale and put the odds in my favor.

1. Find out what my weak points are and immediately put people, practices and principles in place to strengthen them.
Example: If  I have a problem with my eating habits, the first thing I do is tell on myself. Then ask those who are close to me to monitor and encourage me. I change my routine, depending upon the goal and then follow proven principles that assist in my desire results.
2. Make it a personal development project.
Example: If I have trouble in an area one of the things I do is put myself in project mode. Projects have a beginning and an end date so I set those ha dates and begin to work towards it. 
3. Find a mentor in that area.
Example: When I find myself getting stuck, the key is to leverage my situation. I do this simply by finding someone who is smarter than me in this area and getting them to mentor me through the process. Never forget the power of mentorship and collaboration.

Well, I just wanted to do a temperature check to see how everyone was doing on their journey to a super productive year. I invite you to join me and many other top achievers on my 5-week training program called “MY MOST PRODUCTIVE YEAR.” WWW.MYMOSTPRODUCTIVEYEAR.COM. If you enjoyed this blog, I ask that you share it on your social streams like: Google +, FB, Twitter and IG with someone you feel may benefit from it.

Your Partner In Productivity
Author of the book Extreme Productivity
Dr. Vernet A. Joseph

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