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It’s All Good!

In life we all have an opportunity to exercise our freedom of choice, but unfortunately we don't always make the right decisions. Today, I had to counsel a good friend of mine due to some decisions that she made which caused her to be in a predicament on the job. Sometimes we can get a little [...]

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Take Action

Life is but a dream until you start taking ACTION. Many people fail to live out their full potential because they are gripped with fear, doubt or unbelief that it can actually happen for them. It’s time to get off the sidelines and get into the game. What has caused your to procrastinate and renders [...]

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Put The Odds In Your Favor

Hello O' Productive One,How are you doing this 28th day of 2015? I hope that you are just as hyped about your goals and dreams today as you were on the 1st. I know that many people around you have started to fizzle out. Those who were all excited about their New Years resolution have already abandoned them, [...]

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7 Thought Provoking Questions

On this 21st Day of 2015 I thought it would be befitting to ask you 7 essential question to test your commitment to productivity. Use these questions throughout the rest of the year to keep you on track and on target to reach and exceed your goals. Remember the difference between a DREAM and GOAL [...]

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