Start with a BANG!!!

//Start with a BANG!!!


I recently had the opportunity to speak with a wonderful group of entrepreneurs from across the nation.  My desire was to provide them with a few tips and tools that would enable them to jumpstart their teams and businesses for 2015. Here is a little bit of what I shared with this dynamic group of entrepreneurs.

Most people aren’t GO GETTERS, instead the average person complains, procrastinates and is unproductive. I know that couldn’t possibly be your story right? I have been blessed over that last 15 years to be in position to train, teach, consult and mentor entrepreneurs, executives and top achievers just like yourselves how to overcome the spirit of failure and procrastination.  I want to focus on the word renew… because that is what its going to take in 2015. Lets take a look at the word RENEW.

Revitalize– to give new life to

Energize– means to raise the level and supply more power

Navigateplan and direct the route or course

Elevateraise or lift (something) up to a higher position

Win– to be successful or victorious; have success and obtain victory

I’m on fire to help entrepreneurs, executives and business owners make 2015 their Most PRODUCTIVE Year Ever. So they can turn their dreams into reality! I charge each and every one of you on this call to examine your thoughts, heart and actions in 2015. Do they line up with your goals? I urge you to start 2015 with a BANGBig Audacious New Goals that you are not willing to deviate or compromise!!!

  1. Be Clear… Have Clarity Why? Because Clarity breeds a productive reality!!! I COMPEL you to accept nothing less.

  2. Be Focused… Have the strength to say NO to anything that doesn’t align with your BANG!

  3. Be Consistent… Whatever your productive schedule maybe STICK to it.

  4. Be Committed… To the things that you agree to.

  5. Be A Servant… Serve your product or service to your target market with a glad heart and with a smile.

  6. Be A Student… Never, never ever stop learning in life and in your business. Always seek to sharpen your skills.

  7. Be 10X more productive than you have ever been.

  8. Be A Visionary… see the greatness in people who have yet to own the greatness within themselves

  9. Be A Cultivator… Learn to build your garden!

  10. Be A Developer. Train yourself out of a Job!

Join me and I will share with you a few of the secrets that my clients benefit from through my 5-week training called “MY MOST PRODUCTIVE YEAR.” WWW.MYMOSTPRODUCTIVEYEAR.COM

Your partner in Productivity
Author of the book Extreme Productivity
Dr. Vernet A. Joseph

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