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Army Veteran Turn Serial Entrepreneur Awarded National Statesmen Degree on Capitol Hill 

Dr. Vernet A. Joseph was recently awarded National Statesmen Degree.

CITY OF ORIGIN, DATE OF RELEASE – Mesa, AZ 1.19.18. Arizona’s own Dr.Vernet A. Joseph received a National Statesmen Degree on Capitol Hill. This influential award focuses on the nation-building process.

On this momentous day, a distinguished delegation met in Washington, DC on Capitol Hill for a private awards ceremony. Honored to be a special guest to Dr. Ruth Mizell and part of Ambassador Clyde Rivers’ delegation. During this special ceremony Ambassador Rivers’ would be named as the 2017 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, for his tireless and selfless work in volunteering his time throughout our country; over 4,000 hours. Ambassador Clyde Rivers was nominated by Dr. Jason Renville, who is a Human Rights Representative within the United Nations in New York City.

During the private ceremony Dr. Vernet A. Joseph was awarded the iChangeNations Statesmen Degree for exemplary work & experience within the nation-building process. Dr. Jason Renville received the National Statesmen Award and an Honorary Doctorate from Latin University of Theology.