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Productive Women’s Initiative

Broadcast Your Own Radio Show & Make This Your Biggest Year Yet!



The Power Of Women – the Number #1 digital radio station for women and the topics that matter to them most.

Ready to ROCK your best year yet? Let Dr. Vernet use his mind and expertise in media to help you build YOUR media platform.

With a Productive Women’s Initiative Coach YOU WILL:

  1. Get YOUR radio show platform setup with immediate broadcasting on Vercay Radio, iHeart, iTunes, and all mobile streaming devices.
  2. Get assistance with design of radio show/podcast and technical support for your show.
  3. Get initial coaching on how to plan, manage and grow your radio show/podcast.

**As a bonus PWI Coach will assist you in crafting your message for worldwide exposure.**

The Seed Sowing Sistah Movement Radio Show is a show where women can be encouraged and enlightened by the word of GOD in a practical manner. The show is based on women’s daily encounters and interactions with the world around them and how they can make it better. The Seed Sowing Sistah Movement also highlights the men and women of the local and global communities for their tireless efforts to make the world a better place one day at a time.  Tune in Every Monday Join the Seed Sowing Sistah Movement Facebook Group

The Leading The Way Radio Show is a motivational and inspirational show that covers an array of topics aimed at leading its listeners to freedom to embrace their life purpose. Tune in Every Wednesday Join The Leading The Way Facebook Group

Women In Ministry On The Move Radio Show is designed with you in mind. Covering an array of topics that beat in the heart of Women across the Globe. Inspiring you to be the best “you” that God created you to be. Celebrating Women from all walks of life and encouraging you to live life to the fullest with purpose and passion and be a Woman on the Move!”  Tune in Every Thursday Join the Women In Ministry On The Move Facebook Group

Love Thyself Radio Show Love, everyone wants to be loved. In fact, we selfishly expect others to love us as we are. However, we don’t always love ourselves for who are. What an unfair expectation! Ebone Marie talks about going from discontentment of oneself to loving oneself, through her own life experiences and truths that she has come to realize. Join her in this conversation and let’s talk about it. Tune in Every Saturday Join Love Thyself Radio Show Facebook Group