7 Thought Provoking Questions

//7 Thought Provoking Questions


On this 21st Day of 2015 I thought it would be befitting to ask you 7 essential question to test your commitment to productivity. Use these questions throughout the rest of the year to keep you on track and on target to reach and exceed your goals. Remember the difference between a DREAM and GOAL is a TIMELINE. Put action toward your desires and start getting the evidence and results you deserve.

Are you prepared for the success you seek? Many people can talk about what they want, but have no system or strategies in place to bring it to fruition. Have you ever met anyone like this? Has this been your situation at some point and time in your life? If you would be honest with yourself; of course it has! I know that I have been here a time or two, that’s why I love the power of partnership and mentorship. My mentors both present and past have taught me a mountain of things that have helped me catapult forward in business and in life. 

Productivity and time ownership must be intentional. One of my favorite quotes is “We are ALL equal in time, but separated by what we do with it.” High performers achieve more, not by doing more, but by doing the right things more consistently,


1. Am I Making A Productive Impact Today?


2. Am I Being Persistent About My Goals And Dreams?


3. Am I Showing Patience Today?


4. Am I Being Prudent In My Decision Making Today?


5. Am I Performing At An Optimal Level Today? Am I Giving My Best Effort?


6. Am I Protecting My Time, Efforts and Energy?

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Dr. Vernet A. Joseph

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