Living A Balanced Lifestyle

//Living A Balanced Lifestyle


We all have the same 24hrs in a day, but we are separated by the level of productivity that we execute. It is a sad commentary to be excellent at work, and lowsy at home or vise versa. I propose to you that it is absolutley essential to develop a schedule that grants you a well balanced lifestyle. Just as we as parents expect our children to eat well balanced meals, we most focus on living a balanced life.  What would your spouse or children say about your life? Would they say that you have a good balance, great balance or do you fall in the horrible category? This year I challenge you to vow to be different! 

Create a schedule that will outline your line by what is most important to you. Later this year I will release the 360 productivity tracker to help my clients stay on track. I look forward to seing each of you operate in the PRODUCTIVE ZONE. 

Productivity tip of the day: Create a schedule that produces a well balanced lifestyle. If its important to you your schedule will show it.

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