Develop A Hunger (WIOW)

//Develop A Hunger (WIOW)


 Have you ever been in a position where you were so hungry that you felt like you could do anything to break or change that situation? I have placed myself in that position a couple of times, where I am on the job and I desire to accomplish a few crucial projects; so  I would challenge myself to accomplish a certain amount of tasks before I can eat. I know that it is an unorthodox way of challenging yourself, but that is one method I use from time to time to increase my productivity. I don’t know many people who would operate under such conditions, but I am a firm believer that if you think and act differently, it will cause you to live differently.

Most people can’t function when they are hungry, but for me it’s a fuel that ignites my passion and drive to get the job done! You may not have to develop a physical hunger, but I challenge each of you to develop a passionate & productive hunger that will help you push pass the ordinary and operate in the realm of extraordinary.  Here we are, on the 8th day of 2014 and your mentality is already shifting to becoming more passionate and driven about living a productive lifestyle this year.

Productivity tip of the day: Develop a passionate & productive hunger!!! Give life every ounce of your passion and drive.  Remember you are a culmination of your life experiences. Go hard 100%!  #live2produce #productive #impact #wiow
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