Be A Productive Solutionist (TPT)

//Be A Productive Solutionist (TPT)


Are you sick and tired of going to work and dealing with the same old problems and issues day in and day out? Stop being a victim of the rat race and break the cycle. You have everything you need to create a solution to the problems that you face. 

Let me share five quick things you can do to change the problematic cycle and become a productive solutionist.  

1. Clarify the issue and its root cause. Many people forget when it comes to a collaborative workplace, there are several different views.
2. Separate the issue from personal interests. Don’t make the problem is personal.
3.  Evaluate the effects of possible solutions. Present solutions that create a cohesive atmosphere.
4. Always produce a written agreement. Never rely on verbal agreements.
5. Create a flexible environment that promotes understanding and development.

Productivity tip of the day: Don’t allow problems to control day. Placing a bandage on the situation is not the answer, become a productive solutionist.

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